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Tutorial 04 - Beautifly - Pokémon

We are going from to in 10 Steps.
Adobe Photoshop
Beautifly from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

First take your pic and resize it to your liking.
Put this texture made by divine_desire under the base.
Take this texture made by darkicedphoenix and set it to Color Dodge on top of the 1st Texture.
Right click to the base and choose Blending Options. Choose this setting to add Shadow.
Duplicate the base and drag it to the top and set it to Soft Light. Duplicate this Soft Light 2 times.
In the 3rd duplicated base you are going to select it and go to Filter - Blur - Gaussian Blur - 3.0 Pixels - OK.
Take this border made by crumblingwalls in color c37c2d.
Put this texture made by dearest on top of the border layer and set it to Overlay
Duplicate the texture used on the 2nd step, drag it on top of all and set it to Soft Light
Last Step! You can do this if you want. Take this flower brush made by crumblingwalls and put it under the base. Duplicate this brush 2 times.

If you think you got lost in some part you can view my layers palette Here. I hope you liked this Tutorial ^^
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