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Tutorial 03 - Lulu - FFX

Icon requested in ff_eye_candy @ ffec_tactics

We are going from Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us to using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in 6 Steps.
Tutorial on how to make Linear Light in PSP
Starring Lulu from Final Fantasy X

First take your pic and resize it to your liking. For this one, I rotated it a little
Duplicate the base twice and set them both to Linear Light
Take this texture made by cdg_brushes and set it to Saturation on top of the Linear Light
Duplicate the texture and set it to Hard Light
Duplicate the base and drag it to the top and set it to Soft Light. Duplicate this Soft Light 2 times. If you notice for this icon I delete a little some of the dots at the top 'cause it didn't look good on Lulu's face
To finish let's add this texture made by marlenem and set it to Soft Light

If you think you got lost in some part you can view my layers palette Here. I hope you liked this Tutorial ^^

Icons using this style

Tags: final fantasy, tutorials
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