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Tutorial 02 - Silver the Hedgehog

We are going from Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us to using Adobe Photoshop CS2 in 8 Steps.
Tutorial on how to make Linear Light in PSP
Starring Silver the Hedgehog from Sonic Next Gen

First take your pic and resize it to your liking
Duplicate the base and set it to Linear Light (Sometimes the color may look weird depending of the colors of the picture you are using)
Take this texture made by ??? and set it to Hard Light on top of the Linear Light
Duplicate again the Hard Light texture
Take this texture made by ??? and set it to Screen on top of the second texture. Yes I know it stills looks weird
Now duplicate the Linear Light one and put it on top of the Screen one. Much better now isn't?
Let's add text! (If you want ^^') For this I used the font Gargoyles. I wrote the name of him which is Silver in size 24. Right click the text layer - Blending Options - Drop Shadow and choose this setting using the color of the shadow of your liking
Add a 1 px border if you want too ^^

If you think you got lost in some part you can view my layers palette Here. I hope you liked this Tutorial ^^
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